This research program brings together researchers, children and their families and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. The aim of our work is to support child health by "engaging children, supporting families and (re)discovering health knowledge together". We are funded through operating grants from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (2013-2017).



We know that health is multifaceted - with physical, mental, social and spiritual realms. We are interested in exploring health as a "whole" concept in children and building measures for child health that captures this complex and holistic view.

Child Health 2.0

At the core of this research program are children and families, and an understanding that we can undertake innovative new research as well as learn from rediscovering some fundamental notions about what it means to be healthy. There is a HUGE body of knowledge about child health, but we still face many challenges. Child health 2.0 focuses on asking kids about their own health in the modern age (engaging children), figuring out how families can be supported to enhance child health (supporting families) and discovering or rediscovering notions of health that help us capture and build it as a holistic concept.



 Do you have ideas or thoughts about child and adolescent health as a whole concept? Do you know of other conceptualizations of health that might capture this view? Are you interested in supporting child health in Canada and internationally through back to the basics approaches with children and families? Let us know we would love to hear from you! 

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Holistic Health