Why the "2" ?


When people access our website (childhealth2.com), our Facebook page (/childhealth2) or our twitter feed (/childhealth2) we often get asked- why the "2"? We decided to use the "2" for a number of reasons, and we expect you will even be able to suggest more!


A number of years ago Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0 were coined, (check out a pretty significant conference here) to note the use of technology and emerging social networks to personalize health care, collaborate, and promote health and medical education. We recognize there is value in examining child health in the technologically drenched and social networked world we find ourselves living in...and thus child health 2.0 .


The "2" also denotes a re-visiting. We believe that there is a significant amount of ancient knowledge, and there are reoccuring themes, that can be discovered and re-emphasized as we go "back to the basics" in exploring child health and family-based health promotion. Helping kids thrive, isn't reinventing the wheel. We believe it is important to rediscover some of the ideas and practices of groups and cultures who have been successful in supporting child health in the past, and reflect on this knowledge as we face current child health challenges.


Finally (for now) the "2" in child health helps remind us that we don't support child health by focusing on the child alone. Children come into the world as members of families and communities and child health is about these people as well. In fact, we all have a role to play.

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