A "Playborhood"

“kids have to find their own balance of power”

A NY Times article explores a father's view of creating a play space for his children and others at his house to take risks, play, and be kids -without hoovering adult supervision.

In the article, the father, Mike, says, "boys today (his focus is on boys) are being deprived of masculine experiences by overprotective moms, who are allowed to dominate passive dads. Central to Mike’s philosophy is the importance of physical danger: of encouraging boys to take risks and play rough and tumble and get — or inflict — a scrape or two. Central to what he calls mom philosophy (which could just be described as contemporary parenting philosophy) is just the opposite: to play safe, play nice and not hurt other kids or yourself. Most moms are not inclined to leave their children’s safety up to chance. I certainly am not."

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