It May Be More Important Than You Thought To Get Your Kids To Bed Early

"A new study suggests that having a late bedtime is linked to a greater obesity risk later in life. So, an early bedtime may be better"

The study demonstrated that preschool-aged children who had an early bed time were half as likely to become obese in adolescence when compared to children with late bedtimes. Interestingly, this still held true after considering other factors that are well known to be linked to obesity risk.

A couple of the potential links relate to the fact that children who have a regular early bedtime are more likely to get enough sleep. The study reports that, "not getting enough sleep can result in changes in the hormones controlling appetite and metabolism"

In addition to this, the later a child stays up may lead to more opportunity for snacking and late night tv exposure that promotes snacking.

The study recommends that preschool-aged children are in bed by 8 p.m., which may help to reduce the risk of obesity later on.

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