Shirley Tagalik and Inuit Child Health

We are interested in the work of author and educator, Shirley Tagalik who speaks about Inuit Child Health. The Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) framework builds on a series of four principals or laws known as maligait: working for the common good; respecting all living things; maintaining harmony and balance; and continually planning and preparing for the future. The framework also outlines a series of guiding principles and expresses IQ as a process that links Inuit philosophy and action in a changing contemporary context.

Shirley Tagalik, educator and NCCAH author, speaks about Inuit knowledge in rapidly evolving context. Read the full story here.

We think these ideas have real importance in our scholarship around holistic or integrated health for children. What do you think?

Holistic Health