Progress in First Quarter...

Hi All,

We are very happy to be posting about our first quarter progress from this research team. Our funds started flowing in October (very good day!) and in the past three months we have been busy getting lots of things started (and even a few things finished already!).

We are so grateful for our new members Farzana (an MSc Epidemiology student), Jenny (a post-doc research associate) and Sharan- our webmaster and social media specialist (extraordinaire!). More faces to come in the coming months...

The first quarter has meant ethics applications, the development and piloting of our focus group protocol, as well as the completion of two quantitative studies and publications using HBSC data.

There have been a good number of team building activities (and web and social media presence) as well! We look forward to sharing more with you as our qualitative focus groups begin and our youth advisory team is established soon!

As always, drop us a note if you are interested in engaging, have questions or comments.


Colleen, Will and Val


Holistic Health