CIHR Child Health Research Funding Secured!

Will, Val and Colleen were really happy to hear the great news that our proposed operating grant was funded for four years! Hooray...

Determinants of Health among Young People in Canada: The role of health promoting families.

The proposed research seeks to explore and understand the importance of family environments as a determinant of holistic health in young Canadians. The researchers are building this work upon previously funded projects. They propose to use existing and new cross-sectional, longitudinal and purposeful quantitative and qualitative samples of Canadian youth in order to understand more about:

  1. The importance of family practices as determinants of holistic aspects of young people’s health,

  2. The mediating effects of risk and protective individual behaviours, and,

  3. The moderating effects of other contextual factors that are indicative of variations in contextual circumstances.

This analysis has the overall goal of informing practical interventions aimed at improvements in population health and to identify factors, especially those at the family level, most strongly associated with development of holistic states of health in children.

Quotes from CIHR Reviewers:

"I can see this project being of importance to our understanding of how family structures and behaviours might act as barriers and supports to youth health."

"Family meals (and food practices) have been related with tobacco use, diet quality, body weight, binge drinking, suicide, among others. So, for sure a good choice to consider as a determinant of holistic health."

"This is an excellent proposal and there in no doubt that the applicants will successfully complete the proposed work."


Holistic Health