Healthy Together

This new holistic approach to healthy child development looks promising! Using a family education model which brings children and their caregivers together, the program tackles childhood obesity by playing, discussing, cooking, sharing meals and learning together.


Holistic Approach at the Offord Centre

This holistic approach considers the whole child and all of the dimensions that interact together as the child grows up, including the physical, mental, spiritual, and socio-emotional parts. 


Well-Being Assessment Tool


Take this quiz to see how effectively you balance your well-being 

Inunnguiniq: Caring for Children: The Inuit Way

The literal meaning of Inunnguiniq meaning "The making of a Human Being", read about this process of socialization and education within this cultural context. 

Y2K Kingston - Youth 2 Kingston

Youth 2 Kingston 2012 is a Kingston –wide initiative of youth advocating for youth. They seek to define the needs of youth in Kingston through social media, community outreach, social programmes and activities. They provide an opportunity for municipal government, community organizations, businesses, and individual residents to listen to young people, to hear their ideas and recommendations on how to better serve youth in Kingston.

Ontario Center of Excellence

The Centre strives to strengthen front-line service outcomes by helping Ontario child and youth mental health agencies use evidence to provide the best possible care. We provide a range of collaborative tools, services, programs and training that support individuals and organizations as they seek, use and share knowledge to promote the best possible mental health and well-being for all children and youth.

Holistic Health