Project Summary

The aim of our work is to support child health by "engaging children, supporting families and (re)discovering health knowledge together". We are funded by a grant from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (2013-2017). We know that health is multifaceted - with physical, mental, social and spiritual realms. We are interested in exploring health as a "whole" concept in children and building measures and (re)discovering concepts and evidence for child health that captures this complex and holistic view.


Characteristics of families are some of the most influential determinants of health in young people.  We wish to learn more about how specific family characteristics influence health in children and adolescents.  We expect that the development of a better understanding of the direct and interactive effects of family environments and other factors to the health of the “whole child” will not only contribute to the planning of health promotion programs, but will support and encourage Canadian families in real and tangible ways, toward the larger goal of nurturing “health promoting families” within a diversity of family contexts.


The project team is based at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.







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Holistic Health